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Discover the wines of the Château de la Négly

"Wine is the offspring of the sun and the earth" - Paul Claudel.



At the heart of the massif of La Clape

The Château de la Négly is located in Languedoc, overlooking the Mediterranean, in the massif of La Clape.
Thanks to an exceptionally privileged geographical location, a unique chemistry of the elements takes place: stroked by the sea spray, buffeted between the Tramontane and the sea wind, this Land bathed in sun, captures the heat which warms up the berries that become saturated with golden light.
The grape avidly receives the treasures that nature offers. Now it can commence its slow ripening, the generous transformation of what has been offered.

Wines with prestige

It’s here, in this terroir rich in alluvium, that the jewels of the Château de la Négly are created with patience and skill in total compliance with the authentic ancestral tradition.
This tradition has been perpetuated by this distinguished winery and the wine issued here has carried the denomination of Château since the beginning of its history.
In the 18th century, the Château carried the name of Ancely. It was in 1781 that the owner took the name Nerly to finally call it La Négly in 1807.


" The connoisseur does not drink wine but tastes its sweet secrets " - Salvador Dali

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