In the heart of the Massif de La Clape

Ideally exposed, the terroirs of La Négly and Boède are distinguished by the diversity of their soils.
Indeed, Boède is silty sand and sandstone, while La Négly is clay limestone, which gives the wines from these vineyards a wide aromatic palette.

La Clape is a selection of soils on which each grape blossoms perfectly. An alternation of flat stones at certain angles, red lands with oxidized iron, grey or yellow marls, or red or white sandstone.

La Clape is one of the sunniest places in France, thirteen winds cross in its sky, it is a dry and hard climate.

The vine is strengthened by contact with the water which cleans everything at the same time, the wind dries it, then the sun nourishes it and throws these grapes of sugars.
The harshness of this climate guarantees a high quality.




The harvest

The harvest is completely taken manually in 10 kg crate.
Once our grapes are harvested at their optimum maturity, they are sent very quickly to the cellar to prevent any oxidation phenomenon.

They are sorted, depending on the health status, 8 to 10 people literally operate the different clusters by eliminating in turn berries not ripe enough, botrytized or overripened to keep only a perfectly healthy material.

The reasoned cultivation is a major objective, nothing is left to chance, disbudding, stripping, manual harvesting, double sorting on the table, low and controlled yields.

The vineyard

The vineyard is grown under the HVE3 label.
Soils are regularly worked to aerate and facilitate the development of microbial life.

The size of the vine is essentially short and traditional, namely in a 90% trellised cup. This allows a better maturity and control of yields.

The grape varieties

The wines of our terroir are renowned for their iodized character with a lot of freshness and minerality.

The white wines of the La Négly estate are subtle and of great aromatic finesse.
We grow Bourboulenc, Clairette, Marsanne and Roussanne and recently Vermentino.

The reds are gourmands, dense and complex.
The main red grape varieties are Grenache, Mourvèdre and Syrah, which predominates in La Négly.
The complementary varieties are Carignan and Cinsault.