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Les rouges de La Negly

The red wines of Château de La Negly are made up of a blend of Syrah, Mourvèdre, Grenache, Cinsault and Carignan. Some grape varieties like the Mourvèdre and the Carignan are decades old some more than fifty. The location of the Château in the Clape area, facing the sea, benefits from optimal sunlight with more than 3000 hours of sun per year. The cool nights help the vines to compete against the harsh summer heat.

We tend to aim for a qualitative policy; the entire domaine is harvested by hand. Our strong Mediterranean identity is expressed through our grape varieties, the Syrah has aromas of blackberry and red fruit, the Grenache is opulent and with a lasting aftertaste, the Carignan has aromas of blackcurrant and the Mourvèdre has a peppery taste which is lasting and complex.

Jean Paux-Rosset is always on a quest for quality and he combines all these ingredients successfully in order to get the best from his land. His excellent experience has been acquired from his adviser oenologist Claude Gros and Claude’s assistant Didier Lacreu, La Negly is proud of its modern vinification and ageing techniques. With the utmost respect for the grapes, the machines have been replaced by hand carried crates and the freshly picked bunches are preserved in a refrigerated store room. In an alliance of modernity and tradition, all our cuvees are hand sorted grape by grape and then vinified in conical vats.

Le Pavillon whose main grape variety is the Cinsault, is the only red IGP that we sell. It is supple, round and easy to drink in any situation. La Côte is Carignan based, it is more robust and aged in conical vats the Grenache is aged in steel vats. This wine is perfect for barbecues. La Falaise (The cliffs), is something we are very proud of, this cuvee has contributed to the reputation of the Château amongst some excellent restaurants. It is made of a blend that is representative of all the red grape varieties with the exception of the Cinsault. It is the expression of a wine with supple tannins, with hints of light tobacco, truffle and the garrigue with all its different aromas is also present. The rare finish is powerful. This wine can be kept for up to ten years. Les Grès have an identical profile however as they come from Boède where the structure of the soil is different, they are composed of Grès with more noticeable tannins and so are more powerful than La Falaise.