Castle La Negly

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“It’s in this magic place between land and sea where the jewels of Languedoc are produced.

A wine-growing domaine only merits the denomination of a Château if within the estate one of the buildings has been given such a distinction during its history. La Négly’s started in the 18th century when the Château displayed the name of Ancely. In 1781, the estate took the name of Nerly to finally be called LA NÉGLY in 1807.

The Château de la Négly is located in Languedoc 20km from Narbonne in the heart of Le Clape massif, in the zone of the Appellation d’Origine Protégée.
This massif listed as a world heritage site, meaning “pile of stones” in Occitan, was an Island in the Gallo-Roman era before the river Aude annexed it to the continent with its alluvial deposits.

Its soil is composed of sandy silt, derived from very porous limestone rock slides, thus allowing the rainwater to establish a vital reserve for our vines.
The proximity of the sea offers the vineyard a maritime influence which tempers the harsh climate due to the sun and the Tramontane, a powerful and dry wind from the North.